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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Managed print services and the paperless office

HP Blogger
, Oct 6 2011 - 6:08pm
About 36 years ago, Business Week published an article titled “The Office of the Future” that originally coined the term “paperless office.”  The authors predicted that by 1995 technology would exist that would let users access documents at the touch of a button, eliminating the need for paper.  Ever since then, the concept of attaining a paperless-state has been an oft talked about ideal.  I think it’s highly unlikely we will ever see a truly “paperless office,” but, with the technology available today there’s no excuse to not have a paper-efficient office.
In a stunning contradiction, I saw a reference today to recent research:  CompTIA’sExamining the Print and Document Management Market research study, that found that most companies expect to maintain or increase the level of printing and scanning they currently do.  What?  Is the volume of data (information age) driving this?  Anna Matthai blogged about the research study, The Paperless Office and Managed Print Services Providers, and shared that they found that nearly ½ of companies with formal document retention policies say their primary method to store important documents is to save the original paper copy.  Combine that policy with the explosive increase in data and that’s a recipe for a lot of printed pages.  Despite the digital capabilities that exist that could be reducing printed pages, what this really reveals is how hard it is to change ingrained workforce habits.
For organizations serious about working towards a “paper-efficient” office, document management is a must.  Digitize documents for efficient record-keeping and convenient document access.  Another opportunity is workflow solutions to improve business processes. Businesses shouldn’t be looking for a way to get rid of paper altogether; they should be looking for ways to optimize their paper intense processes utilizing the sophisticated technology available to them today.  The practical approach is a blended strategy to improving workflow where digital can take a lead while recognizing where paper still has its place.  
The reasons to adopt a strategy to move towards a more paper-efficient office are compelling --- save money, environmental benefits, and you can increase productivity and efficiency through improved document workflow.  On the flip side – change is hard and the transition to a paper-efficient office will force changes to some ingrained workforce habits.  On top of that, some IT professionals still don’t think of imaging and printing as strategic. But, our customers that have adopted this new way of thinking have made significant strides, saved millions of dollars and grown their bottom line. Learn from the successes of these HP customersand explore what HP managed print services and document management solutions could do for you.
Source: http://www.enterprisecioforum.com

Increasing Savings Through Managed Print Services

Submitted by sara on Tue, 10/04/2011 - 19:21
Cummins has 40,000 employees and global operations throughout 200 countries and territories. With such a vast distribution of locations comes the challenge of selecting, deploying, managing and maintaining technology – even output devices. Its existing fleet of printers, copiers, fax machines and scanners had aged and became prone to breakdowns that were increasing maintenance costs and negatively impacting device reliability and employee productivity. Cummins also wanted to further trim output costs and reduce paper consumption in support of its sustainability initiatives. These business goals became the genesis of a corporate-wide initiative called Print Smart — an aggressive project to optimize and standardize its entire printer fleet globally. Key needs revealed during the evaluation process included:
  • The tracking of consumables – paper and toner.
  • A desire to eliminate abandoned print jobs.
  • Implementation of a consistent user interface for printers worldwide.
  • Insight into employees’ usage habits.
  • Standardized global service.
Following its analysis of available products, services, and customer support around the globe, Cummins chose Lexmark as its global managed print services provider. Under a comprehensive equipment leasing and asset management agreement, Lexmark is providing implementation, asset lifecycle, proactive consumables management, break/fix, and global help desk management, training, and maintenance services around the world.
Lexmark installed a combination of about 2,000 monochrome departmental printers and high volume monochrome and color multifunction printers (MFPs) around the world in approximately six months. Lexmark executed dozens of unique Local Country Agreements to ensure compliance with a wide array of legalities and standards. With a standardized and optimized Lexmark output environment around the world, employees experience the same user interface on every device in every location worldwide.
Cummins also implemented a solution that releases print jobs only when employees enter an identification code at Lexmark devices connected to the network. This approach has helped Cummins reduce its print volume by three million pages a month. That physical presence guarantees that confidential jobs print only when the document owner is physically present. It also eliminates the time gap between printing and pickup, preventing abandoned print jobs from piling up and avoiding paper and toner waste.
All of the output devices on the Cummins network are proactively monitored by Lexmark. The devices themselves actively report their health to a staff of engineers who can often take care of device issues before employees even notice. Lexmark engineers also integrated the entire device fleet with Cummins’ BMC® Remedy® Service Desk system for incident management and helpdesk support. Now, printer issues are logged with Cummins IT and calls are dispatched as necessary.
With proactive consumables management, the Lexmark devices also send alerts when toner gets low, and onsite Lexmark technicians replace the cartridge before a toner outage impacts employee productivity.
Cummins is on track to cut printing by an astonishing 36 million pages in just one year, generating a projected annual savings of $2 million. In overall costs, Cummins has seen its expenses drop by 62 percent on a monthly basis. The reduction in annual paper consumption saves the equivalent of 4,000 trees along with a projected greenhouse gas avoidance of 605 metric tons. By managing its use of color, Cummins reined in color printing from 600,000 pages per month to just 225,000, saving an additional $1.5 million annually. The 2,500 printers Cummins previously operated is down by about 16 percent, simplifying maintenance and lowering overall operating cost.
Visit www.lexmark.com to learn more.
Source: http://www.officeproductnews.net

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Managed Print Services from Document & Network Technologies

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Freedom to Focus: A Managed Print Services Event

Freedom to Focus: A Managed Print Services Event
Nov 8 2011 9:30AM - 2:00PM

Renaissance Portsmouth Hotel & Waterfront Conference Center
425 Water Street
Portsmouth,VA 73704

With Xerox Managed Print Services you can save as much as 30 percent on print costs while increasing your productivity. At Freedom to Focus: A Real Business Live event you’ll have exclusive access to learn more about Xerox Managed Print Services. Discover how Xerox experts work behind the scenes to assess your current needs, implement the most relevant and effective solutions, and free you to focus on your core business. 
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MPowerPrint™ – Managed Print Services from Harland Technology Services

Harland Technology Services is a division of Scantron Corporation, which is an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Harland Clarke Holdings Corp, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of M & F Worldwide (NYSE-MFW). We are a leading provider of IT solutions across the United States.
Harland Technology Services provides:
Onsite Repair Service
Depot Repair Service
MPowerPrint™ – Managed Print Services
ITManager– Managed Services
  • Network Administration Service
  • Backup and Recovery Services
  • Security Services
Scantron Proprietary Hardware Services
Implementation Services
Supply Sales
Cooperative Self Service
Our mission is to deliver outstanding service value by resolving problems quickly and efficiently for organizations where performance and availability of system resources are high priorities.
We provide IT solutions for over 15,000 customers across the United States. With over 165 strategically located service centers, we are able to provide consistent, reliable service from coast to coast. Harland Technology Services is centrally headquartered in Omaha, NE.
Our customers range from small to mid-sized enterprises across a variety of industries, including professional services, retail, government, financial services and healthcare offices--providing routine, remote and proactive support.
In today's fast paced, ever-changing technology environment, you need a trusted service and support provider that will keep your organization up and running with minimal downtime. We will take a proactive approach regarding your IT services and support. Whether you have computer hardware maintenance and support, or any of our Managed Services solutions, we are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for you. From call placement to call completion, we strive for an above average customer experience.
Harland Technology Services, a division of Scantron Corporation, is also the provider of maintenance services for Scantron proprietary hardware. For more information about our services for Scantron proprietary hardware, please click here.